About Us

The Interface Group boasts over 35 years’ experience in several manufacture and engineering sectors, as a group we are made up of the following companies.


  • Interface Precision Limited

A specialist Sub contract manufacturing business based in St Leonards on Sea East Sussex. We specialise in providing the highest quality Machined, Fabricated and Pressed components / assemblies in a whole raft of materials from Aluminium, Steels, Refractories (Niobium, Tantalum, , Molybdenum, Titanium etc.), Copper, Brass, Plastics (PTFE, Nylon Acetyl etc.) and ceramics. Alongside our precision machine shop we also offer vacuum components, bespoke vacuum fabrications and chambers.


  • Interface Devices Limited

A major provider of specialist electronics equipment, software & hardware solutions, call logging, management and remote monitoring for major Telecommunications & Broadcasting companies around the globe.


  • Interface Manufacturing Limited

A Supplier of quality manufactured electronic assemblies to clients’ specifications since 1999. Catering for prototype, small, medium and high volume build quantities, we will deliver anything from bare PCBs to fully tested, electro-mechanical assemblies direct to our clients, using single or double-sided printed circuit boards (PCB), through-hole or surface mount components and multi-layer PCBs.


  • Interface Sheet, Paint & Fabrication Limited

Offer services such as fabrication from flat sheet to finished item. Capacity is up to 3 metres in length and 6mm thick. We can also provide plating, painting, silk screening and welding. This all complements our existing Precision Engineering and Electronics site to make an end to end project life cycle