Myles McQuade Apprentice Experience with SIGTA and Interface Manufacturing

My Apprentice Experience with SIGTA and Interface Manufacturing.

By Myles McQuade


When leaving school I was looking for employment and contacted SIGTA, my experience with SIGTA was very good and they helped me secure an apprenticeship with Interface Manufacturing.
SIGTA supported me from the start giving advice and training on interview techniques and secured me an interview with Interface Manufacturing.

The interview with Interface Manufacturing consisted of a factory tour and a formal interview. I found the factory tour very interesting and I was excited that I would have the chance to master a trade, and if I did well move up in the company. The formal interview was with the apprentice co-ordinators, who detailed what would be expected of an apprentice and what the company could offer an apprentice.

I was successful in my interview with Interface Manufacturing and started work with them in May 2015.

Part of the company offer was to send me to college on an Engineering course which would lead to getting a formal qualification. I attend Eastbourne College once a week on a Friday 09:00 am to 16:30 pm. I am currently learning the theory behind the practical skills that I am mastering in the workplace such as mechanical drawing and the basic engineering mathematics.

Also as part of my ongoing training the company had organized for an external trainer to visit. I have now received practical training on PCB soldering and wiring to IPC 3 standard which is used in medical equipment and aircraft manufacture.

The company have done things I didn’t expect them to do for me. I am always busy learning new skills. I am currently working in the painted circuit board assembly area and love working there.